Cyber Crime

What if your information is breached?

Cyber ​​attack and unauthorized access to data pose a threat to businesses and governments, academics, researchers and individuals. We provide assistance in detecting the breach and dealing with cybercrime incidents and providing guidance to law enforcement officers and advocates for the management of the same. Creative Designs HUB’s cybercrime investigation services aim to ensure that evidence collected as part of a forensic investigation from any electronic communication medium should be able to withstand legal scrutiny, offering to our clients a transparent and holistic solution in the most complex cybercrime scenario. Creative Designs HUB Securities is backed by cybersecurity professionals and highly certified staff who have the ability to take immediate action, depending on the varied needs of our clients and to solve our clients’ information security challenges with a absolute and discreet confidentiality. Once a full report of the incident has been made and the source of the attack can be identified, all information obtained during the investigation process can be passed on to law enforcement agencies to initiate the judicial process.

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