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Total Cyber Security Solution

We aim to digitally protect cyberspace by offering various products and services. We have dedicated our highly qualified and expert advisers to offer services like VAPT and cybercrime counseling to envelop digital sphere with secure cyberspace.


Data is critical to organizations, and data loss leads to compliance, monetary loss, and reputation.


In this digital age major threats come from technology, such as the computer and the network, ie the cyber world.​


Our mission is to ensure that digital life is safe and peaceful, to empower and empower users with solutions that are easy to protect. We look forward to securing organizations' IT to keep their daily businesses running smoothly. We want to create and support a more secure cyberspace to promote national sustainability, social well-being and wealth creation. Our mission is to build cyber warriors against ongoing cybercrimes, serve our nation, build our nation as a secure digital country, and strengthen and implement security settings to reduce the risk of data breach .


We are dedicated to IT security. Our success is built on the trust of our customers and we act as a reliable and long-term partner for them. We constantly focus on innovation and believe that we must own and control the technologies we offer in order to meet the highest possible quality standards. Our country faces enormous threats from various countries in cyber attacks and information theft. The MAK team, together with vieh Group, has taken a visionary initiative to curb and enervate notoriously pervasive cyber threats from different directions and dimensions.


Organizational change comes from above. Work from the top and build a medium to long-term business protection vision. Create and stick to a sense of urgency, direction and purpose. There is no magic tool or method, governance and culture are essential for BCP, IT & physical security, third party management, operational risks, compliance, audit and insurance practices. Real change in the area of security controls is complex and takes time. Simplicity, clarity, consistency are the only vectors of change because they allow real action.

Web Design & Development Services

What is Web Design? Web Design is a process of creating website or web pages. It builds based on user experience and Search engine friendly. What is Web Development? Web Development is a creation of dynamic web application by using programming languages, PHP, .Net and Java etc.

Web Development Services

WordPress Development: We provide you an excellent wordpress site that can help to grow your business. WordPress is one of the most popular platform and it benefits to all businesses to grow instantly. 50% of businesses using wordpress sites that can access user friendly to engage with their business.

Graphic Design Services

What is Graphic Design? Graphic Design is important thing to every business that can be represent your brand or business clearly. Graphic design is best way to attract the people by promoting your business.

Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing? Email Marketing is the technique that can be sending commercial emails or messages to a group of people through an email campaign. This email marketing can help to engage with customers to grow your business.

SEO Services in Hyderabad

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Search Engine is a process of increasing brand visibility by getting a higher rank on Google search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can provide better results to users and brings customers.

SMO Services in Hyderabad

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)? Social Media Optimization is mainly used to drive the traffic from the social media platforms that can help your business and also it can help for brand awareness. Almost 90% of people use social media to communicate and products selling.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

 Search Engine is a process of increasing brand visibility by getting a higher rank on Google search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can provide better results to users and brings customers.

“A Website without SEO is like a Car without Fuel”

Our SEO Services

Keywords research: Keyword Research is a process of choosing the right keywords that can help to target the right customers on the search engines.

Voice Search: Voice Search is a new feature that can help to search the results through voice. Voice Search optimization helps you to reach more people and quickly accessible to all people.

Local SEO: local SEO Optimization is similar to General SEO. Local SEO is an activity to optimize the website locally to reach the local audience for small business.

Competitor Analysis: Competitor Analysis is a way of identifying competitor marketing strength and weakness. This Competitor analysis will provide valuable insights to beat the competition in the Market.

Mobile Optimization: Mobile optimization is a process of optimizing the website for the mobile device to access mobile users and get easy user experience. It can help you deliver the mobile-friendly results to users.

Benefits of SEO Service

  1. SEO helps small business to grow faster
  2. SEO can drive more potential customers
  3. SEO works for long term goals
  4. SEO builds trust and Credibility
  5. SEO receives 90% clicks more than PPC Service
  6. SEO is more cost effective than PPC service
  7. SEO builds Brand Awareness
  8. SEO Brings more traffic

SEO Provides Better ROI          

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